Canadian Executive MBA
Welcome to CEMBA - the Canadian Executive MBA program offered by ESG University of
Quebec at Montreal UQAM and the Warsaw School of Economics SGH.

As our candidates apply to become a student of the University of Quebec at Montreal, the recruitment procedure together with the set of needed documents, corresponds directly with ESG-UQAM requirements.



To be submitted to the CEMBA Office:

  1. Completed application form download here
  2. English language test.
  3. Original diploma of Master/Bachelor degree.
  4. English translation of the diploma (must be translated by a sworn translator)
  5. Original transcript (if in Polish, must be translated by the sworn translator)
  6. Three reference letters.
  7. Documents confirming at least 4 years of professional experience. For candidates with Bachelor Degree other than from North America and/or U.K. (4 years full -time), we need a documented 7 years of managerial experience.
  8. Statement of career goals in English (cover letter).
  9. Resume with the details about education qualifications and working experience.
  10. Three photographs (passport size).
  11. Admission fee of 1650 PLN to be paid after the interview before sending the candidate documents to Canada at the following bank account: Pekao SA Oddział w Warszawie, no: 66 1240 6003 1111 0000 4946 5213 Szkoła Główna Handlowa, Studium Podyplomowe CEMBA, title: admission fee Cohort XXVI


  • Original documents will be copied and authenticated by the CEMBA Office.
  • In case of submitting the documents via fax or e-mail, you are kindly asked to bring with you the original documents to the interview, so that the copies can be confirmed.
  • The translations of the documents must be done by the sworn translator.
  • The application form can be obtained from the CEMBA Office or printed from an electronic version available on this website.
  • In the case of candidates with degrees from Polish universities, a copy of the student book (indeks) will be treated as an official transcript (copy should include all pages relating to the progress of the studies, exams and credits). The translation of the credit book consists of the English names of all passed subjects together with grades received (zaliczenie = passed).
  • Reference letters may come from: academic tutors, promoters of Degree Thesis, superiors, major clients.
  • As for documents confirming at least 4 years of professional experience, the candidate can submit "Świadectwo pracy" (a proof of employment) with the translation in English.

If you have any questions or doubts, do not hesitate to contact the CEMBA Office directly.


In the CEMBA program you can apply throughout the whole year. The recruitment process is organised as follows:

  1. The candidates who meet formal requirements submit to the Office a completed set of documents.
  2. For the group of candidates, the Office schedules an interview day (30-45 minutes per person) with the Canadian Project Co-ordinator.
  3. As a result of the interview, some candidates are accepted to the Program and some are rejected. The names of the people who are selected are put on the acceptance list. When there are 40 names on the acceptance list + 15 names on the reserve list - we end the recruitment process. That is why there is no particular date to which the documents should be submitted. However, the earlier you apply, the stronger chance of having your name on the student list.
  4. The documents of the successful candidates are sent to the Registrar's Office at ESG-University of Quebec at Montreal, which sends back the official letter confirming their acceptance to UQAM together with a student ID card.


This exam is designed to test the overall student's language skills. It is at the level corresponding to UCLES CAE (Certificate in Advanced English) or equivalent level C1 of the CEF (Common European Framework). The test covers the following areas: Use of English, Listening and Writing as the most important language components needed to successfully follow a course of academic study. The test consists of three parts:

Test Use of English - 30 min.
Test Listening - 30 min.
Test Writing - 30 min.
Total time - 1,5 hrs.

All three elements will be evaluated on a scale from 1 to 100%. The final grade will be an arithmetical average of the partial grades.

The candidates may be exempted from taking this test on the basis of their educational background (studies in English language, previously taken tests). In each case, the decision will be made individually by the Program Co-ordinator.

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