Canadian Executive MBA
Welcome to CEMBA - the Canadian Executive MBA program offered by ESG University of
Quebec at Montreal UQAM and the Warsaw School of Economics SGH.


In the CEMBA program, there are no traditional examination periods. A student should pass each course in a particular subject according to individual rules determined by the lecturer.

The final grade in a course may be based on:

  • written mid-term exam,
  • written final exam,
  • class participation (regular preparation to the classes, taking part in discussions and case solving),
  • individual and group presentations,
  • case solving (in class and as a written executive summary),
  • results of computer simulation games (Corporate Strategy Game, Marketing Strategy Game),
  • marketing and financial projects,
  • projects about implementing changes and innovations in organization.
  • In the Integrative Project course, students in groups prepare the detailed international project, in which they should use all the knowledge and new skills obtained during 16 months of studies.


  • Students must complete all courses and receive an acceptable grade in each course.
  • Required minimum percentage passing grade for each course is 60% which is a C at the ESG-University of Quebec at Montreal.
  • Students must receive 45 credits and an overall grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.0 (on a 4.3 scale) to satisfy MBA degree.


All professors must submit their grades to the CEMBA office in Warsaw. All professors and courses are evaluated by the students. The grades submitted by professors and the teaching evaluations submitted by students will then be sent to the ESG-University of Quebec in Montreal representatives who will report the appropriate letter grade to its Registrar's Office based upon the grading system described below.


  • Opportunities will be provided to the students with failing grades (below 60%). Only one remedial exam may be written for each course. Requests for remedial exams must be made by written appeal to the CEMBA office within 7 days of the distribution of final grades for a course. This written appeal should be accepted by professor who has conducted this particular course. In the case where a student is unsuccessful in the remedial exam, he/she will be required to repeat the course in the following cohort - additional payment for the course will be required. After issuing the payment student will be included on the list of the corresponding course and the invoice for it will be prepared.
  • In order to graduate from CEMBA Program the required cumulative average is 70% (equivalent of B-)


Percentage UQAM letter grade Numerical value
90-100 A+ 4.3
85-89 A 4.0
80-84 A- 3.7
77-79 B+ 3.3
73-76 B 3.0
70-72 B- 2.7
67-69 C+ 2.3
60-66 C(*) 2.0
57-59 D+ 1.3
55-56 D 1.0
0-54 E 0

(*) required minimum percentage per course is 60% which complies with the minimum requirements in grading scales at UQAM and SGH - Warsaw School of Economics.


  • Electronic version of teaching materials (all or part of them depending on the lecturer's decision) is available on e-learning platform.
  • The grades are also placed on e-learning platform in "Assessment folder".
  • The decision about not taking the course or resign from the course should be sent by e-mail to CEMBA office not later than on Monday after the first weekend of the course.


Admission fee has to be paid at last directly after the interview with Project Co-ordinator. Lack of such payment will stop the recruitment procedure and is tantamount to resignation from application for CEMBA Program.

The tuition fee can be in four equal instalments.

Invoice has to be paid in 14 days after issue.

No payment implicates the withdrawal from the list of students. Invoices will be issued on the bases of invoice information signed by the student on the beginning of the program edition – in case of payment by the student company, it have to be confirmed by the payer.

Students who decided to spread their studies for three successive cohorts will be issued as follows: first instalment in November when student started edition. Next invoices will be issued after taking part in four courses.

Student have to get permission from CEMBA Program Administrator for the delay in paying invoice or it part. In the application for the permission student have to predict the possible term of complete payment.

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