Canadian Executive MBA
Welcome to CEMBA - the Canadian Executive MBA program offered by ESG University of
Quebec at Montreal UQAM and the Warsaw School of Economics SGH.


Michel Librowicz
Project Co-ordinator
Michel Librowicz, Ph. D.
Professor of International Business

ESG-University of Quebec at Montreal The Canadian Executive MBA program at the Warsaw School of Economics is among the very few programs in Poland taught 100% in English, that allow the students to obtain a North American diploma from an EQUIS accredited internationally recognized Canadian university, providing graduates with a distinctive competitive advantage on the job market.

Since the academic year 2000/2001, the Canadian Executive MBA program has become a financially self-sustainable joint venture between the leading school in economics and business, the Warsaw School of Economics, and the largest Canadian business school, the ESG-University of Quebec at Montreal. The program has benefitted from a collaboration between these two institutions resulting in graduates embarking on successful professional careers. These "success stories" are the true measure of the high of faculty and students in the Canadian EMBA program and they ensure the viability of the program for the future.

CEMBA is designed for working professionals from a wide range of backgrounds who wish to study part time to advance or enhance their business careers. The program emphasizes the latest concepts, practices, and skills that effective managers and leaders need in today's rapidly changing workplace.

The CEMBA program is taught by both Canadian faculty and by Canadian-trained and/or American-trained Polish faculty from Warsaw School of Economics. They are selected based on their teaching evaluations and international experience. A pool of faculty has been developed, which includes the finest and most experienced professors able to offer interactive MBA classes.

In the MBA courses, professors use a range of different teaching methods in the classroom. You can expect a highly participatory, interactive atmosphere. We use case studies, some developed for local Polish businesses jointly with Polish faculty, and each year we offer business games and simulations. We have used videotaped presentations and multimedia within the classroom, as well as guest speakers from prominent companies.

We expect students to be able to work at a high level and within the groups to which they are assigned, to carry out projects and case study analyses. Within the CEMBA program, an intensive socialization takes place and teamwork is developed under conditions of stress and competition, where leadership qualities emerge and are tested.

We favour an integrative approach, providing an overall understanding of how organizations, small and large, work without neglecting the acquisition by students of a sound functional knowledge of business, without which one cannot become a credible manager. Finally, we favour an international perspective, a sine qua non condition for survival and growth in the age of globalization.The international character of our curriculum translates into special courses and seminars in International Marketing and International Finance/International Project Management, as well as field missions to China.


The Canadian Executive MBA Program at the Warsaw School of Economics is committed to becoming one of the top three MBA programs in Central and Eastern Europe.


We are committed to transferring to the Canadian Executive MBA candidates the best management education that North American business schools can provide.

By doing so, we intend to shape the practice of business management in the Republic of Poland.

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