Canadian Executive MBA
Welcome to CEMBA - the Canadian Executive MBA program offered by ESG University of
Quebec at Montreal UQAM and the Warsaw School of Economics SGH.

Tuition fees can be paid either in four equal instalments or in one payment before the classes begin.


The tuition fee is PLN 31 000 and USD 10 500 (what is around 70 000 PLN).
The first invoice for PLN 7 750 and USD 2 625 is issued and distributed to the students during the first two weeks of classes with a 14-day payment period. The total amount on the invoice is given in PLN - the USD sum is calculated according to the mid NBP exchange rate from the date of issuing the invoice. The payment should be made in PLN to the bank account of SGH given on the invoice. The subsequent invoices are issued every 4 months for PLN 7 750 and USD 2 625 each, denominated in PLN with 14-day payment period.

We regret but the CEMBA program is unable to provide any scholarship and/or tuition fees discount.

Fees include cost of:

  • tuition,
  • educational materials

Fees do not include:

  1. cost of textbooks and cases (they should be bought individually by the students and the amount to be paid for the books during 16 months of studies equals to about USD 1000),
  2. additional costs for repeating courses failed by the student,
  3. non refundable admission fee of PLN 1650. Admission fee is to be paid after the interview before sending the candidate documents to Canada at the following bank account: Pekao SA Oddział w Warszawie, no: 66 1240 6003 1111 0000 4946 5213 Szkoła Główna Handlowa w Warszawie, Studium Podyplomowe CEMBA, title: admission fee Cohort XXV together with your name and surname

Important! You may apply to take specific separate CEMBA courses without full enrolment to the program.

In order to participate in the course, you should contact the CEMBA Office at least two weeks prior to the commencement of the course . The participants should meet basic formal requirements for the CEMBA student (university degree, at least 4 years of professional experience, functional knowledge of English). The payment should be made before the class starts. For further organizational and financial details, please contact the CEMBA Office directly.


SGH Warsaw School of Economics employees has a special 25% discount from the tuition fee.

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